Today, the Europa Institute continues to be one of the UK`s leading centres for the study of European Union institutions, policy and law, and you will be taught by several members of the Institute as an LLM student in European Law. The aim of the study programme is to provide legal experts and legal services staff with a comprehensive and in-depth knowledge of international, international regulations. + The University offers a range of programmes for teaching English, including a pre-session English language programme designed to strengthen your English language skills before you start your programme of study. Niamh Nic Shuibhne is Professor of European Union Law. She is a co-editor of the Common Market Law Review. She was co-editor-in-chief of the European Law Review from 2009 to 2014 and is still a member of the editorial board. She is a visiting professor at the College of Europe (Bruges), where she introduced the first compulsory course on EU citizenship in 2013. Why an LL.M. in European Law? The European project provides a fascinating case study for LL.M. studies that explores how the laws of European Union (EU) Member States and their Union overlap. Learn more about what it`s like to live and study in Maastricht, including: The College of Europe aims to be fundamentally European, working with two campuses: one in Bruges, the other in Warsaw.

His LL.M. in European Law balances the economic and constitutional aspects of European law and offers courses on EU institutions, constitutional law, EU external relations and competition law in the public sector. English and French are used as languages of study. If you are currently studying for your studies or do not have an English test score, you can still apply for the program. Please note that it is your responsibility to submit the required documents. Meet Sabrina, our student ambassador of the Bachelor European Law School. On her Instagram account, she shares her personal experiences with her studies, her life in Maastricht and much more. Follow her to get a taste of your possible future! Find out what it`s like to study an LLM in European Law at Edinburgh Law School by our current and former students. Visit Maastricht University regulations to find the ERA of your study programme As the EU`s centre of gravity will shift from London, KU Leuven is in an ideal position for students interested in studying European law. The LL.M.

The School`s European and International Law is strongly focused on the EU and also allows students to specialise in International and European Business Law or Public International and European Law. KU Leuven is also home to the Institute of European Law, founded in 1990, which supports teaching and research in the field of European law. Postgraduate studies in the field of law require thorough, complex and demanding English skills, so we require that the communication skills of all students be at the same minimum level. Do you have any questions? Send Sabrina a DM on Instagram, she will be happy to help you choose your program of study, just like previous student ambassadors helped her with hers. Allison talks about her experience studying the LLM in European Law and her life in Edinburgh. The study of EU law and legal system is combined with reflections on policy implications and applied economics, and there is a high potential for interaction with other disciplines and with the School of Social and Political Sciences. You will be exposed to a wide range of perspectives and benefit from comprehensive coverage of a wide range of topics, including: Maria graduated from the University of Edinburgh in 2018 with an LLM in European Law. In this video, she talks about her experience with an LLM at Edinburgh Law School and the experience of living in Edinburgh.

Globalization has led to a situation where lawyers have to deal with national, international, European and transnational laws when applying standards. In. + If you are studying at this or another university shortly before the start of your postgraduate studies, you must have completed these studies before the start of the programme for which you have an offer. The UK`s decision to leave the EU (Brexit) was an opportunity for deep and creative reflection on the future of European integration, the EU`s relations with the UK and the governance of the international scene as a whole. While we address the issues raised by Brexit as dimensions of EU law, we do not intend our programme to be motivated by this issue – instead, it aims to maintain the University of Edinburgh as the institution of choice for students who wish to study European Union law and institutions both in breadth and depth. Are you willing to go the extra mile? We look forward to welcoming you to our Bachelor Open House on Saturday, October 8th! Get a taste of what it`s like to study in Maastricht. Can`t visit us in Maastricht? During the Baccalaureate Open House, you can also participate in our online program presentations, Q&A, and other online sessions. After Brexit, Paris 1 is well positioned to become a destination for students interested in studying European law. In addition to covering European legal topics in the prestigious LL.M. Business Law for foreign lawyers, Paris 1 also offers a joint program with QMUL as well as a certificate in European law. What are the differences between the national legal systems of the Member States of the European Union? What influence does EU law have on the laws of different Member States, for example to ensure the protection of human rights, promote the rule of law or facilitate long-term trade? How do the legal systems of different EU Member States interact and influence each other? If you are interested in such topics, this is the right program for you. In this programme, you will look at legal problems from a comparative and European perspective, rather than focusing on solving them in a single legal system.

You will study both EU law and international law. Working in small groups on relevant real-life topics trains you to gain essential legal skills such as problem solving, legal argumentation, advocacy, and writing. In addition, there is a lot of attention to important skills such as active listening, collaboration, analytical and critical thinking. This prepares you to work as a lawyer regionally, nationally and internationally in both the private and public sectors. With further study, you can also access regulated professions such as a lawyer or prosecutor. Students of this university are not allowed to pursue further creditworthy concurrent studies at this institution (or any other) unless the college has granted permission. The college must be satisfied that additional creditable education does not limit the student`s ability to complete their existing program of study.