But firefighters warn that even safe and reasonable fireworks can be dangerous. Firefighters advise people to think carefully about where and when to use them. Vallejo fire crews suspect that a four-alarm fire that threatened homes and injured a firefighter late last month was caused by fireworks. Fireworks are widely regulated from city to city. Around the Bay Area, fireworks are allowed to be sold in Pacifica, San Bruno, Newark, Union City, Dublin, Gilroy, and Rohnert Park, among others. Some places where they were allowed in previous years – including Santa Rosa and Sevastopol – no longer allow their sale. Keep in mind that even legal fireworks pose a fire hazard and can hurt people. To combat illegal fireworks, some cities are promoting police officers and online reporting forms. However, not all resident reports contain enough information to be actionable. Last year, San Jose dropped the 45 citations it had posted via the city`s website form and issued warning letters instead. “Right now, we`re at a time when the fuels are already ready for use,” Nicholls said.

“A combination of dry fuels and wind lends itself to rapid fire growth and the possibility of devastating fires.” In the East Bay, the Contra Costa County Fire Protection District has set up a toll-free phone line that can be used by residents to immediately contact and report illegal fireworks in their area. The phone number is 1-833-885-2021. “The safest way to enjoy the fourth of July is to go to one of the licensed shows where we have professional pyrotechnicians and safety zones and fire department involvement to make it safe,” said Captain Mitch Matlow. “Let someone else light the fireworks: the professionals.” VIDEO: Gunfire or fireworks: how to make a difference Fireworks also pose environmental problems that endanger vegetation and animals. In May, witnesses said fireworks sparked a 71-acre wildfire in San Jose near Los Lagos Golf Course. Most major cities in California prohibit fireworks, including Los Angeles, San Francisco, all of San Diego County, all of San Mateo County, and San Jose. Somewhat surprisingly, approved fireworks are allowed in Sacramento. On Tuesday, fireworks stalls were opened in Dublin, Pacifica, Tracy, San Bruno and Suisun City. While these cities sell safe and reasonable fireworks, they have restrictions on where and when they can be triggered.

Check with each city for the rules. In a sweltering summer in California, a single lost spark can start a massive wildfire. The National Fire Protection Association recently reported that fireworks start an average of 18,500 fires per year. “Our amateur radio operators will handle any visual interference for fireworks noticed over the weekend by the CERT wave, encouraging the community living in the area to interact with cert to inform these phone calls,” said Jennifer Ponce, coordinator of the City of Morgan Hill Emergency Services Office. Despite the historic drought and threat of wildfires, there are still hundreds of California cities that allow residents to set off “safe and healthy fireworks.” Not everyone agrees. Bay Area officials have asked the public not to set off fireworks in the region`s exceptional drought conditions. Some counties have recently increased their fines for their use, hoping to create an additional deterrent. Safe and healthy fireworks can be fired July 1-4 from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. in Union City. To use fireworks on a property that is not owned by you, written permission from the owner is required. More information can be found HERE.

The Bay Area may be a powder keg waiting to ignite, but fireworks — those that are legal in supermarket parking lots in some places, and those that are illegal sold at truck counters — are still on sale. San Bruno allows the purchase of fireworks from booths operated by non-profit organizations. For more information, click HERE. >> Complete list of the 296 municipalities that allow fireworks to be sold in California (last updated 5/24/22) Was it fireworks or gunshots? Here`s what you need to know to make a difference. Soccer coach Mike Biancalana, the booth manager, said fireworks sales bring in about $15,000 a year and support Pacifica`s Pop Warner football program. Most of the fireworks stands benefit local nonprofit groups, and Biancalana said the few days he spends at the booth in early summer are the biggest fundraiser of the year. This year, the proceeds will be used to pay for new uniforms for his Tiger Sharks football team. For licensed fireworks suppliers, sales begin in half of the cities on Thursday. Fireworks sales at Rohnert Park will begin on June 30, while Gilroy, Union City, Petaluma, Watsonville and Cloverdale will begin on July 1.

For thousands of nonprofits, from small league teams to high school support clubs, fireworks sales each summer are a major source of fundraising in California. From Friday night to Monday, these groups will patrol in marked vehicles, looking for illegal fireworks and helping to relieve the police Burdon.