Once you activate them, you can redeem cheat codes for free roaming and garage. To use cheaters in the garage, you need to enter the code, no spaces or anything, and then click on the screwdriver. It may lag behind, but it works. To access cheat codes, you need to enable them in the Hidden Options menu, located under Tools. You MUST click “Save Career” for the changes to apply. To use free roaming cheaters, you just need to press the buttons When you start the game, buy a coupon of 15,000 people. Support the car up to 362 hp. Take the whole body to make the car lighter. Press the “Fast forward one hour” button until it is around 10:00 p.m. You will always do it because you have the car lighter and more power. Make sure you set traffic density to a minimum. NOTE: The game`s automatic keyboard layout is QWERTY, so if you`re using AZERTY, Dvorak, or QWERTZ, you can enter a shaky code.

While you are in the garage, type (letmeroc) and click the refine button You must have patch 2.1.8 of the game or later to redeem these codes. Go to the garage to enter the codes and press the setting button to activate it: BegForMoney – get $100,000 Letmeroc – You need $100,000 and he gets the Race of Champions Cheaters are diverse in Street Legal Racing: Redline Once you are in the garage, enter the code and then click on “Refine specific parts”.