If your vehicle is still under warranty, theoretically, any changes to the warranty will void the manufacturer`s warranty. In reality, it is more complex and thorny. If you opt for a step 3 or 4 on your car, the changes go beyond simple reprogramming. Mechanical parts are modified or even added to support increased performance. In this case, you can finally check the manufacturer`s warranty. On the other hand, if you choose a softer realization like a Flex Fuel level 1, the modification is much more subtle, since it only resides in the image of the vehicle and is therefore not visible to the eye. Reprogramming cannot be detected by your mechanic and/or dealer in most cases. Das Praktikum im 3. Year gives the student the opportunity to discover the economic and professional world, to face the concrete realities of work and to clarify his orientation project. To reprogram a car, you need to go to a specialized company that employs graduate engineers. It is about going beyond the heart of the system, you can only entrust your vehicle to professionals.

Step 1 is a custom reprogramming on a power bank without changing the mechanical parts. Phase 1 is designed in such a way that the engine parameters (injection, turbopressure, ignition,…) remain in accordance with the safety standards specified by the manufacturer. Every car built after the 2000s has a calculator. This is an element that contains many lines of code inserted by the vehicle manufacturer. Reprogramming aims to optimize the performance of the vehicle`s engine. It improves its road handling. This process does not include changing external parts or replacing the engine block. It allows you to increase the performance of the vehicle without having to pay high costs. In particular, it offers undeniable advantages. Reprogramming a vehicle is a way for the owner to give it a touch of personalization. However, it does not perform body revision. The repair also does not include modifications to mechanical parts.

In other words, you can easily customize your car to your liking without going through a major replacement. A reprogrammed car can circulate freely in a country of the European Union. It is sufficient that it be approved in accordance with the procedures common to the Member States. She will then not be tested during her trip from one country to another. Differences between the actual characteristics of the engine and the characteristics declared at the time of type-approval are not considered a “non-conformity” in some countries. The principle of reprogramming is to modify ignition curves, injection parameters and time values. The process requires in-depth knowledge of injection engines, necessary computer software and technical specifications of the vehicle. It is therefore recommended to consult experts for engine reprogramming, for example in Reims, to ensure that the operation takes place in the best conditions. By entrusting your vehicle to experts, you avoid irreversible damage such as parts malfunctions. It should be noted that settings that are not adapted to the performance of the car can lead to poor handling.

The reprogramming of a car consists of replacing the manufacturer`s existing data at the ECU level. This engine reprogramming has many advantages and disadvantages, but changes the legality of the vehicle both from the point of view of the manufacturer for the repairs to be carried out and at the level of insurance. Nevertheless, the question arises: how to reprogram an engine? To perform this procedure, it is necessary to intervene in the computer system of the electronic box (ECU, UCM or BSM) by connecting to the vehicle`s diagnostic socket or by first removing the box. Once connected, the principle of engine reprogramming is to change the fuel curve and ignition parameters, for example, to increase the engine torque and power of the car. That said, reprogramming the engine seems easy. However, it is necessary to know exactly the injection engines, the software necessary for operation and the computer peculiarities of each vehicle. First and foremost, reprogramming your car will result in the loss of the manufacturer`s warranty. Secondly, this operation involves risks regarding the validity of your car insurance contract. Indeed, the insurer may terminate the contract if it becomes aware of the modifications made to the engine of the insured vehicle. In step 1, only the program is modified in the calculator and is often not recognizable by your mechanic and/or dealer.

However, if you plan to sell a newly programmed vehicle, we recommend that you return the vehicle to its original software configuration. In this way, you will reach a wider audience of potential buyers and protect yourself from misunderstandings about the vehicle`s features. It is considered a transformation of the car. In this context, Article R321-16 of the Highway Code provides that a new application for individual approval (RTI) must be submitted for a vehicle undergoing a substantial modification. This is submitted to a certification body. It consists in checking whether the vehicle meets the technical requirements for entry into service after conversion. If this is not done within the prescribed period, the penalties provided for a fourth-class offence shall be imposed. Whether your car is reprogrammed or simply turbocharged, it`s always important to wait about 15 to 30 seconds before turning off your engine and bringing your vehicle to a complete stop. If you idle for a few seconds before turning off your car completely, you can wait for it and not stop too abruptly.

These engine preparation courses are best known to car enthusiasts. However, you can go even further by opting for level 3 or 4 reprogramming, depending on your preference. To register a reprogrammed car, it is above all this last document that poses a problem. The ITR for engine reprogramming must be requested from the DREAL (Regional Directorate for the Environment, Planning and Housing) or, if you live in Île-de-France, from the DRIEE (Regional and Interdepartmental Directorate for Environment and Energy). But unfortunately, your efforts can be blocked if this body needs the manufacturer`s approval for engine reprogramming and the manufacturer refuses to grant it. And in this case, no choice but to cancel the change, otherwise you will be exposed to a maximum fine of € 750. Nowadays, reprogramming your car is an action that has become as common as asking for an addition of cheese to a kebab. Many succumb to reprogramming because there is a lot of interest.