Also, don`t get them from Amazon, as the sprays it distributes are not approved. There are some with a gel base and that use other defense compounds, but we do not recommend them. It does not cause any sequelae in people who receive a discharge from the spray, so you want to know that its use has no effect on the health of people suffering from pepper spray. And since they contain a natural base, these sprays are not explosive or do not ignite, so you can carry a backup in the car, for example. The active ingredient in our product is PAVA, a substance analogous to oleoresin capsicum (OC) that is legal in all 50 states with certain restrictions. Violation of these restrictions may result in fines and/or imprisonment. Pepper spray cannot be transported on a commercial airline or in certain safe areas such as federal or state buildings. While most cities follow state law, this is not always the case. Unless otherwise stated, you must be over 18 years of age to wear it and can only use it for self-defense. The second reason is that the shell gives greater stability when the pepper is pointed at the target. It is very common to point the gas in the wrong direction, especially in inexperienced people. Forget this myth: illegal pepper sprays exist, but not all of them are repellent sprays have to be the right size so that ± can always accompany you and is very easy to use.

The best ones have insurance against accidental shooting. In addition, they must have enough charge so as not to quickly lose their usefulness, the popular format of 22 milliliters can make up to 15 projections with a duration of 1 second. On the contrary, it is soluble in fat or oil. The less sensitive areas can be washed with detergent and, in the case of mucous membranes, with milk. The fatty compounds in this help neutralize the pepper. It is the most common of all. Scatter the pepper like a fog curtain and mimic the effect of an insecticide or spray deodorant. However, the distance and dispersal capacity are greater than in other cases. For reference, you can think of pepper spray as a spray streamer used at parties.

It is important that you know that the right to always wear your authorized legal pepper spray is protected by Royal Decree 137/1993 of January 29, that is: the Weapons Regulation (PDF). It© includes self-defense sprays (Art. 5-i) in the category of prohibited weapons, but self-defense sprays approved by the Ministry of Health are expressly excluded from this prohibition (photo above). This means that only approved pepper sprays are legal in Spain, so it is relevant ± that when you buy your pepper spray, you guarantee that it will appear on the ministry`s list above. Self-defense becomes a necessity rather than an option, but what are the legal limits? While some New Yorkers might be tempted to acquire items that can be used to defend themselves and buy time during an attack or robbery, New York is imposing restrictions on one of the most common items: pepper spray. Pepper spray is a non-lethal synthetic chemical compound used as a method of self-defense. It is also known as OC gas or OC spray, in reference to the English terminology “oleoresin capsicum” (oleoresin pepper). In this article we will solve all your doubts about buying and using pepper spray in ± Spain. Given the events that jump in the news, this product is more and more in demand, but its use continues to create a lot of doubt. The second thing is to remember the context of use: you can not spray the spray in the middle of a crowd. This can affect innocent people and expose you to prosecution and fines. What is the pepper spray law in Michigan? OC pepper spray can not be stronger than a 2% concentrate.

CS is the only accepted tear gas and should not exceed 35 grams per box. No spray suits are allowed. First, familiarize yourself with the scope, direction, and distribution of the model you purchased. Not everyone shoots pepper spray at the same speed or distance. That`s why you practice in advance. No. Although they share some symptoms (irritation of the mucous membranes and lacrimation), they are different compounds. Pepper spray uses natural components (with some exceptions), while tear gas is synthetic.

Want to know more about Fito Defensa pepper spray? You have all the details on our Youtube channel Back on the national territory, it is important to specify that modified aerosols are prohibited. Approval ensures that the active ingredient of pepper spray does not exceed the established limits, which is the case with a modification. When pepper spray is sprayed on a person, it immediately affects the mucous membranes of the eyes, nose and mouth, causing extreme pain. The more they are exposed, the more it will hurt. A person`s inflammatory response is usually so strong that it forces their eyes to close and leads to temporary blindness. The following information pertains to the legality of pepper spray in some states. We make every effort to maintain this list, but we cannot guarantee its accuracy. This information should not be construed as legal advice. Always check local and state laws before buying or wearing a self-defense product. Taking pepper spray with you increases your confidence and pays more attention to escapes, because if necessary, and hopefully it will never come, you will see the need to use it.

And you will find that hand-carrying will calm you down in confusing situations. If you feel it with your fingers and know that it accompanies you± with you. Can pepper spray be taken abroad in a suitcase? The ingredients in pepper spray can weaken a person for an hour or more, giving the user enough time to escape an attack. Pepper sprays can be made from water or oil, but usually the active ingredient is OC (oleoresin capsicum), an oily resin derived from finely ground chili peppers. Currently, the pepper spray trademarks registered in Spain are: Fito Defensa 50, Skram, Weinen, Rass, Defender and Sabre Red. These repellent sprays are approved for purchase, wearing and use as long as the person is of legal age. And they are legal in the context of self-defense, otherwise you could have problems because of the principle of proportionality in force in Spain. We also do not advise you to buy them in Andorra. The products you find are probably not legal in Spain. The best pepper sprays are ± designed to be effective in all circumstances where you need to stop a situation of aggression on your person.

New York requires pepper spray to be purchased only through a licensed dispensary or licensed gun dealer. Buyers are also limited to two aerosol cans at a time. Armouries are the best place to buy legal pepper spray. We recommend that you do this in a physical store so that you can confirm that you have permission to market these types of products. Do not buy from unauthorized stores. OC and capsaicin, which contain the best pepper sprays, cause©the following effects on contact with the attacker`s face: New York residents cannot purchase the spray in another state and then send it home. That`s why you can`t buy it in online stores like Amazon. `The sale of self-defence sprays by catalogue or other means of distance selling is expressly prohibited.` When is pepper spray good? You should only use pepper spray if you are threatened or your life is in danger.

Remember that it is a crime to use pepper spray to commit malicious acts.